A Different Kind of Cup Support

July 08, 2019



Okay, it’s been less than 24 hours since the United States celebrated their fourth (!) Women’s World Cup victory, confetti-covered cleats no doubt still cooling. For a bra company, the obvious thing to do might be commemorating Brandi Chastain’s sports bra seen round the world moment post her game-winning goal twenty years ago. 

But Molly T. is about more than support by way of a good bra. It’s about confidence, feeling equipped to take on any challenge without holding back.

Which is why we want to revel in some of the incredible ways the 23 members of our reigning championship team exemplified just that. 

Like when the ladies clapped back at haters for “over celebrating” their victories, gracefully defending their talent and reminding trolls they've been dreaming of goals in question their whole lives.

Or when Megan Rapinoe’s girlfriend wrote this glorious piece on why Megan is an extraordinary human-super-athlete-being who happens to be on the receiving end of our president’s vitriol (although marvelously impervious). 

Oh! And then there’s this small footnote: how the women are fighting to close the gender pay gap, because after seven, 90+ minute games sprinting nonstop in record-breaking heat, who doesn’t want to come home to battle the U.S. Soccer Federation?

May Brandi’s bra-baring, World Cup-winning legacy live on, but in honor of holding one another up, we’re toasting to Girls Who Run The World Cup.

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