Are We Sweat-Shamed?

July 24, 2019


Things are finally cooling off here in New York to comparably mild 85-degree weather.

This last week had me all sorts of Sweaty Girl. Try as I did to slink like Britney in her glistening Slave 4 U glory, an unwitting glimpse of my reflection in the nearest window reminded me no...just no.

But it got me thinking about how ironically uncool it is for women to be seen sweating; the mild panic induced by the first glint of upper lip sweat if not immediately patted dry. 

Do we sweat-shame ourselves? Or is it another societal pressure-thing waged in the battle of the sexes? 

A quick Google comparison of phrases like “men sweating” vs. “women sweating” and the search engine’s predictions are markedly different.

While women are presumably searching for ways to all but erase the existence of sweat glands, men are elevated to “sexy” when "men" and "sweat" are anywhere near each other. Re: “sweaty sexy men” — an all too familiar string of words even ingrained in Google.


So here’s the T…


I want to rethink how quickly I act to conceal my sweats when I’m not at the gym and proud to show off my sweat-drenched pores. After all, sweating faster and more profusely is a sign of good health (aka an indicator of all that hard work lifting weights). 


So, from back to boob sweat, let them stare! It should be displayed, even without the awe-inspiring abs of B. Spears.


Let Molly T. and its moisture-wicking goodness help you stay cool.



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