Baby, it's cold outside

November 13, 2019

Photo credit: Lori E. Seid

That thing that seems to be happening with (alarmingly) increased regularity happened: we had < 2 weeks of proper Fall and overnight, Winter Fell. 

And like the brutal seizure of a kingdom I’ll admit I know little about (but hey, at least I know one GOT reference), winter has all but killed my beloved Fall. 

Thirty-degree temperatures deter me from doing lots of things. Going to the gym is one of them. 

But remembering how much better my body and mind feel -- not to mention warmer -- keeps me from becoming the hermit I’m inclined to be. Plus, I think of how much more delectable the coziness of home feels after bracing and facing the frigid air.

So here’s the T…

Like not having a good sports bra, teeth-chattering temps is only one of the myriad reasons we can justify skipping the gym. 

I’ve shared little more than mere mind tricks that help get my butt to the gym, and I want to hear from you! What else motivates you to not skip the workout when sweater weather convinces you otherwise?

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