Don't Take The Stares

September 19, 2019

Photo credit: Bruno Nascimento

Anyone familiar with the Molly T. Creation Story knows that it wasn't just the lack of quality support that ignited the idea, but the dreaded stares that came with it.

You know, guilty of gawking or being gawked at on the treadmill and not because of your fab fit form. 

I vividly remember many an occasion where a woman was kicking ass in whatever she was doing yet her breasts held court. 

Like that time I went to my sister’s dance recital, agog and mouth agape as I watched one particular dancer steal the show — and not because of her dancing.

She was mesmerizing, a 
Maddie Ziegler-good kinda dancer (hayyy Dance Moms fans 👋), but her ill-supported breasts moved just as furiously as she did and ultimately stole the spotlight.  

Damn those flimsy dance costumes. Damn whoever let her go onstage like that.

So here’s the T…

Even then, as a preteen girl sans boob problems of my own, I knew that what I witnessed that night in the audience of my sister's recital was a ludicrous injustice that could probably be fixed.

That's why we're here: to make you feel equipped to go all out, freed from the sometimes-burden of your feminine physique, however and whenever you move!

Of course Molly T. is about taking the stairs. The kind that makes your booty burn. 

So #wearmollyt and take the stairs, not the stares.

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