Happy Sad Earth Week

April 23, 2020 2 Comments

Photo by the lovely and talented Jessica Garcia

What a cruel irony this Earth Week: the world can finally breathe a bit while so many of us are suffocating. 

That carbon emissions have gone down and air quality has improved are among the scant silver linings of COVID-19. But how tragic to think that it’s due to a forced economic shutdown, and not a rallying of our own accord? 

I keep thinking about September’s Climate Strike, and not just because I’ve been awfully nostalgic in trying to remember life before this pandemic. This Earth Week marks 7 months since Greta Thurnberg led international strikes and protests to address the climate crisis. 

Then I wrote about running earbuds-free to listen to the birds whose songs are in peril. 

Now I put my earbuds to drown out the sound of sirens. 

So I turned to our fearless leader Greta for some clues as to what we can do post-COVID when cars creep back on the road, airplanes take flight, and our precious Earth begins to retreat after barely starting to reemerge.

And here’s the deliciously Thungberg T... 

“Every day is #EarthDay. The changes needed to safeguard future living conditions for all species won’t come from governments or businesses,” Greta tweeted. “It will come from the best available science and public opinion. So it’s up to us. Spread the science. #unitebehindthescience.”

Mic drop, Greta.

Watch Our House Is On Fire from Greta’s organization Friday’s For Future.

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