I Miss You

September 02, 2020 1 Comment

I’d usually start with a “Happy Fall!” or some line exalting my favorite time of year, but I refuse to dignify 2020 with seasons. 

Since March, the madness has sustained itself in a world both inner and outer I do not recognize, with nights often indistinguishable from days save for the change of light.

But I’m a sucker for September’s sweet sense of new beginnings and even now it seems to return the affection.

Last night, for instance, after a pint of ice cream kind of mood I was surprised and elated to learn Molly T. was featured in the Fall issue of Runner’s World Magazine (!) alongside other badass sports bras (!!) with the distinction of “most customizable” (!!!) — I meannnnn, HELLO, Universe, I hear you. I’m listening.


So here’s The T…

This year has felt crushingly directionless. 

Yet not-so-little signs from the universe have assured me, “Molly Girl, you got this.”

Molly T. was #5 in ISSUE NUMBER 5 of Runner’s World sports bra roundup, and I knew instantly how much grander the significance of this incredible inclusion really is because that number only pops up when I'm on the right path.

And while it’s hard to stay open when it feels like the world wants to shut you down (or as of this writing, literally is shut down), the trick is exactly that: stay open. 

Stay open to the bespoke signs from the universe -- the stop signs, the go, the yield and the slow -- because they’re all leading you in the right direction and only you can read them. 

I’ve missed you, and missed me, but I’m following the signs and finding my way back.

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September 24, 2020

I never would have found you if not for RW magazine. I can’t wait to try my new Molly T.!

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