Saving your boobs and the planet

September 25, 2019

Photo by K. Mitch Hodge on Unsplash


This week’s #ClimateStrike has felt at once exhilaratingly hopeful and devastatingly doomed. 

To see people the world over led by our disenchanted but clear-eyed youth makes one question their own part effecting change, especially when running a business.

In reflecting on the 10 years it took to cobble Molly T. together, my palpitating heart was somewhat soothed remembering that our planet’s needs were considered just as much as our breasts. 

That’s why, despite fabric swatches all too tempting for their synthetic silkiness, I chose sustainably made, eco-friendly materials which have and always will remain a nonnegotiable. 

I also scanned what felt like every manufacturer in NYC’s Garment District to ensure quality well above Made In China. 

You mean a lot to me, dear reader. And so does our poor planet. 

So here’s the T…

From Day 1, Molly T. has been about saving your girls as much as the planet (fast fashion is a major contributor to climate change and we're not about that).

Beyond the recycled materials sourced including the only moisture-wicking bioagent certified by the EPA, I set out to create a more versatile sports bra to reduce the requisite rotation of sports bras.

In other words, the fewer bras you’ll have to buy, the less they’ll end up in landfills.

So whether you’re here because you already own a Molly T. or are thinking about buying one, I hope you join our journey.


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