Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Scaries

October 09, 2019

No, this isn’t a premature Halloween post, nor opportunistic clickbait in light of my favorite month’s spook theme.

It is simply a weary nod to those weeks when the Sunday scaries linger well into Wednesday because here we are midweek and that blah feeling typically reserved for Sunday is still ebbing. 

I want to blame the rainy gray skies for dulling what should be vibrant autumn in New York à la You’ve Got Mail. I mean, who is the weather to mess with my peak-foliage fantasies?! 😆

If I’m being honest, though, it's not just the rain, which definitely does affect one’s mood: it’s the what-ifs, the what-nows, and the WTFs all mounting in no particular order but with equal weight threatening to capsize what sometimes feels like my tiny one-person boat. 

So here’s the T…

I’m here to remind you that even if you are in a tiny one-person boat, you can and should use a lifeline. 

...or two or three. 

Because whether it’s the weather or just a lousy week, the dark blues and rainy grays are a lot less scary after phoning a friend. 

May the rest of your scaries revolve around Halloween. 

👻 🎃 🕸️ 

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