To bra or not to bra? That is the quarantine question

April 14, 2020 2 Comments

Photo courtesy the inimitable Lori E. Seid


Many sobering questions have risen in light of this preposterous pandemic, like will I lose my job? When will I see my loved ones? And how will the Kardashian kamera krew keep up? 

Among them, I’ve also seen a slew of articles humorously debating the bra question since we're now all working from home: do I actually have to wear one?

Between headlines positing “Should I Put on a Bra to Work From Home?” to “Will I Ever Wear Bras Again?”, it’s an amusing but somewhat serious question confirmed by the sheer frequency of the ask. 

Google “wearing a bra working from home” and you’ll find that even experts are weighing-in and purporting that going without wearing a bra for too long may cause premature sagging.

No matter your opinion, every woman can relate to that liberating bra-take-off feeling that signals the end of the day and a little repose from the poke and prod of underwire (or maybe for you it’s the dig of your overburdened shoulder straps). 

But I’ve noticed a surprising reversal in this trend has proven true for me. Putting on a bra, despite the temptation paired with countless logical reasons not to, has made me feel a bit more like myself. 

So here’s the T...

Expert opinions be damned! Let’s bucket the bra debate as a silver lining that we can decide without judgment through all this #WorfFromHome hullabaloo. 

Wear the thing if it makes you feel good, nix it if nay. 

Oh! But if you do decide to wear one, #wearmollyt 😜

Has anyone else experienced a reversal of the “ahh my bra’s off” to ahh my bra’s on”- feeling these days? Drop a note in the comments -- I wanna hear! 

2 Responses

Bita Khaleghi
Bita Khaleghi

April 16, 2020

I still put a bra on every morning and rip it off when I’m done working! I’ve found comfort in non wire bras that keep the girls up but don’t suffocate me at home.

Kathryn Lerner
Kathryn Lerner

April 16, 2020

YES! In fact, I’m relishing excuses to put on something besides loungewear and that is so unlike me!

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