What Makeup and Bras Have In Common

July 14, 2019

Photo source: MTV


"The last thing the world needs is another makeup line" Lady Gaga declares in her devilishly glam makeup launch commercial. So smart. So ooh-la-la true. 


There's a beautiful parallel between Gaga's campaign and Molly T. 


Frankly, we’re in the same boat: the last thing the world needs is another sports bra in an already saturated market. Between low-impact and high-impact to the latest celebrity-sworn by brand, the choices are overwhelming.


Which is why, like Gaga explains with Haus Makeup, we’re not here to compete:


“I love range. I have everything in my bag from Marc Jacobs' mascara, Velvet Noir, to Maybelline brow gel to Tom Ford and Kevyn Aucoin. I love MAC. I'm not here to be a competitor.”


Yes, Gaga! Swap out every makeup mention for your favorite bra and the same can be said for Molly T.: “I love range. I have everything in my bag from Under Armor’s low-impact, to Nike’s high.”


So here's the T...


Consider using Molly T. to reinforce the bra you already love. Or because it looks hella cute layered.


Our goal is simply to help you feel like your best self — comfortably confident by supporting how you move. If that means combining Molly T. with your favorite bra to achieve your ultimate level of compression, so be it.


We’re all for any brand that helps You Do You.


As Gaga preaches, "Beauty is how you see yourself. We want you to love yourself."


Let the Haus say amen. 


Do you layer your bras when working out? Send us tips and tricks! 

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