Too many options, too little support.

In a $3.5 billion sports bra industry, there are countless designs to choose from to address a wide range of needs. From low-impact and high-impact to cross-backed and front-close, the choices are overwhelming.

Yet none quite fit the bill (or bust) and women are left improvising to ensure their unique support needs are met. Be it doubling-up bras or strategically layering T-shirts, most can attest to the necessity of creating their own literal boobie traps.

Finding a sports bra that can do it all — keep the girls in place without sacrificing comfort or cuteness — shouldn’t be such a hassle.  

That’s why Molly T. was created.

Whether lounging or lunging, Molly T. matches your movement.

This patented design is the first of its kind that can adjust to various levels of activity and support needs, in one bra.

Unlike traditional sports bras, typically constructed for one impact level, Molly T. allows you to customize the amount of compression, as desired, to accommodate a wide range of motion for all different shapes and cup sizes.

One sports bra to rule them all.

Why rotate sports bras and shell out more money to meet different fitting needs when you can invest in one that does the trick?

As determined by you, the wearer, Molly T. can singularly support high-impact, low-impact, and the plumped-up-pain of PMS impact.

Be noticed for the right reasons.

Feel confident working out, unfettered by your feminine physique and equipped to go all out without fear of pain, sag or strain — not to mention drawing any unwanted attention!

Molly T. was born out of these frustrations, designed to be equal in fit, fashion, and function addressing all of the above and then some.