Here's what customers are saying...

Support is FINALLY available for us larger busted ladies. I have spent the majority of my life restricting myself from many physical activities like running because finding a sports bra for my bust size, that actually provided support vs. discomfort was next to impossible! I hit the gym or perform at home HIIT workouts 4-6 days a week now and can finally include sprinting and jumping. I have comfort and support - Thank you Molly T.

Wearer: Jenn D, Long Island, NY
Regular bra size: 42F
Wears Molly T. size: XXL


This bra is AMAZING. In addition to the near-term benefits it promises (better support during workouts, adjustability to accommodate changing fit needs), I was pleased to discover the longer term benefits when I began using it during my physical therapy sessions. Wearing the bra not only helped improve my alignment to maximize the results of the therapy, but it also greatly diminished my back and shoulder pain during the session and for many days after. For those who suffer from chronic back pain, this is a meaningful difference! 

Wearer: Trina C, San Francisco, CA
Regular bra size: 34G
Wears Molly T. size: XL 
This bra has achieved the seemingly impossible - it's both absolutely beautiful AND functional! It's the only sports bra I've seen with high quality material that actually looks cute.  I'm quite large-chested (34E), so struggle to find something that supports me but I'm not embarrassed to be seen in.  This bra definitely fits the bill - the little v-cut in the front makes me feel sexy, plus I can layer it over another bra for high impact activities or wear it solo for low-impact activities like yoga.  
Wearer: Colby S, Washington, DC
Regular bra size: 34E
Wears Molly T. size: M


It's been hard for me to find a bra that provides the right level of support during my runs and HIIT workouts. After wearing Molly T though, I can honestly say that I've never felt more support and comfort. I bless the day I discovered this bra. Not only do I now feel actual comfort running, but I also feel more empowered and confident to perform at my highest level. The quality is high and the design is simple and elegant. I wholeheartedly recommend Molly T to any woman feeling like they aren't able to workout at their best level because of the discomfort and lack of support - this bra is for you.

Wearer: Grace Z, San Diego, CA
Regular bra size: 32B
Wears Molly T. size: S


The Molly T. bra completely enhanced my workout and made me feel great afterward. The bras I normally use for fitness often are too tight around my rib cage leaving painful and unattractive marks across my sides after my workout. My challenge is if I go any bigger my chest feels unsupported. What's great and unique about Molly T. is you can customize to your size. During workouts, smaller chests still need support and all bodies deserve to feel comfortable by what we wear. To boot, it looks beautiful on too. The Molly T. bra did it all for me and I absolutely recommend it! 

Wearer: Amy N, Washington DC
Regular bra size: 34B/C
Wears Molly T. size: S 


The bra is saving my butt. I've outgrown all my bras and of course, being pregnant, my boobs are sore so the adjustableness of Molly T. is such a relief.

Wearer: Sammi G, Santa Fe, NM
Regular bra size: 32DD
Wears Molly T. size: M